Website design & development

Kara O'Brien Renovations WebsiteWebsite design and development is what we do best. If you’re searching for a web designer who focuses on quality, not quantity, then you’ve come to the right place!

First, do you really need a website? These days, if you have a business the answer is almost certainly a resounding yes. And while there are many options available out there for getting your website online – from the “friend of a friend” who might have some rudimentary website skills, to expensive big city design companies, your website needs very likely fall somewhere in the middle ground: an affordable, professionally designed custom website that enhances your company’s image and brand while not being overly flashy or feature heavy.

An effective web site needs to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and tastefully designed. Yet, the excessive use of pointless and irritating frills in many web site designs often leaves the visitor confused and frustrated, unable to find what they’re looking for.  We specialize in creating affordable, high-quality web designs that will promote your small business with elegance and style. Our focus is on a creative, tasteful approach to web site design that will enhance your company’s visibility on the web, rather than scare your visitors away.

We code to web standards.  Every site we develop is 100% web standards and CSS compliant, and adheres strictly to the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  This ensures that a website we develop will view as intended no matter what browser or operating system a site visitor is using.  As your site matures and content changes, your design will never be compromised.

Our design standard of quality is high, and we don’t “cookie-cut” web sites.   Unlike many web site designers and companies, we never use cookie-cutter templates just to keep the cost down.  A site we design for you will be unique and unlike any other site on the web.

The bottom line…

Maple Ridge Hardwoods, Inc.You’re not a number, you’re unique, and we’re flexible.  We recognize that each client is different with unique requirements and with a unique identity.  Your uniqueness is what makes you and your business stand out among the crowd in the business world.  If you’re unique in the business world, then your web site and logo should reflect the uniqueness of your business identity.  The experience you’ll have working with us will be completely customized to your needs.  We’re not happy until you’re happy.  We’re not done until you say we’re done.